120+ Cutest Cat tattoo Designs [ Latest 2019 ]

Is Cat tattoo a Symbol of Spiritual, prosperity, and progress?

Seeking a tattoo is a common practice among various countries of the world. The tattoo shows a person’s personality and mostly reflect a true self of a person. Tattoos are the most popular tattoo designs. Mostly the cat tattoo portrays that a person is highly spiritual in nature. Cats have held a great respect in various cultures around the world. Back in ancient times, often cats were buried next to their owners.

The common things that a tattoo symbolizes are protection, intelligence, power, luck, elegance, independence, creativity, mystery and secrets. The placement of a tattoo depends on its size and shape. You can have a tattoo on arm, chest or back. You can also have a smaller one cat paw tattoo on wrist. You can have your tattoo in many different designs and shapes but it should be unique in its meaning.








color cat tattoo

Cat water color tattoo


Cat tattoo 2019:

Something About Tattoo:

Cat tattoo meaning behind it and it can vary from person to person. In many cultures like Egyptians and Romans, the tattoo is highly appreciated and killing a cat meant the death sentence for the offender




Cat tattoo on Shoulder

Cat color tattoo on arm

Cat multi color tattoo



Many people seek tattoos because of their affection and love towards their cats. They are one of the most loved furry felines.



Cat tattoo on back

Cat Outline tattoo on arm

Cat black and white tatoo

Cat tattoo together

Cat tattoo togather

Cat tattoo on body

Surprising Things:

Basically, they are cat worshippers. Back in the stone age, Egyptian believes that the animal cat is related to the ‘moon goddess’. Furthermore, the word cat also derived from the ancient Egyptian name ‘caute’. The Romans considered cats the symbol of motherhood and protection. Romans also considered wolf and cats as a sign of a good fortune to everyone. Wolf Tattoos ideas are highly rich in their historical importance.

Cat tattoo on upper chest

Cat tattoo on upper chest

Black cat tattoo on arm

Cat outline tattoo


Different designs of tattoos show different meanings. As some people worshipped cats others may consider them as a bad omen. Many people believed in the myth that if a black cat crosses your path it is a sign of bad luck.

In many cultures, the people linked cats with evil spirits and witchcraft. But nowadays, many people loved to have these friendly felines because of their independent nature and funny actions.


Symbol of Feminity:

Cats are also considered as the symbol of femininity and elegance that is the reason they are the most common pets of women.

People also considered them as spiritual guardians. Mostly, cats are dual in nature they are both docile and fierce.

P.s: If you want to get them done then you can from Black Cat tattoos.


Color cat tattoo on arm

Water color cat tattoo

Color cat tattoo on arm

cat tattoo on leg

People are fascinated by the tattoos because cats are alluring creatures. People seek different tattoo designs depending on their likes and dislikes.

Color cat tattoo on back

One of the most common tattoo design is the ‘black cat’, minimalist cat tattoos, Cheshire cat tattoo some people considered this design as an omen of destruction and others relate it to power and femininity.

Black cat tattoo on arm

The ‘cat eye tattoo’ frequently used by the person who believes in his ability to see beyond the things. It represents the wisdom and intellect. ‘Cat paw tattoo’ design represents a person personal growth.

Monster cat tattoo on leg

This design shows that a person suffers from some emotional and mental pain. ‘Cat skull tattoo’ associated with death and destruction.

Monster cat tattoo on back

Monster cat tattoo on upper back

Cute cat tattoo on leg

Cute cat tattoo on leg

angry cat tattoo on back

Cute cat tattoo on wrist


Cat Tattoo on leg 

Mostly the tattoo portrays that a person is highly spiritual in nature. Cats have held a great respect in various cultures around the world.

Back in ancient times, often cats were buried next to their owners.



Cat Tattoo on arm 

Cat tattoos look very beautiful on arm. They have Special significance in the eyes of many people. The idea that someone has something so cute on their arm seems unreal.

Here are some examples of simple cat tattoos:


Cat Tattoo on back 

Some people love to make tattoos on their bodies like Neck. Mostly Girls love to make tattoos on their neck.

Here are some example of  Neck tattoos:

Cat Tattoo on body 

Tattoo holds several meanings. Like the tattoo of bird shows you independence, hope, the freedom the cat tattoo on body reflect of Spiritual, prosperity, and progress.

Here are some example of Cat tattoos on body:



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