100+ Best Snake Tattoos That Will [ Extremely Shocking – Latest 2019 ]

is Snake Tattoo Symbol of seduction or temptation?

Tattooing has been practiced across the globe and a part of human history for a thousand years. It is a very old tradition and considers as an art or body modification. Nowadays, tattooing is more popular and socially acceptable. In many cultures, tattooing is still considered as a barbaric tradition. Tattoos can be formed by different styles and techniques. Tattoos- a symbol of seduction or temptation. Snakes have always played vivid parts in frightening and fascinating mankind. These beautiful creatures have gotten a bad reputation in many cultures. As with all other animal tattoos,  tattoos also represent all the attributes and traits of a snake that is sneaky, seductive, secretive.

Snakes also stood as strong symbols in many stories. People who love skin art has a great appeal of snake due to its unique diversity.

Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo for Women

Snake Tattoos for Girl
Beautiful snake tattoos for Women. It is a Small Snake Tattoo on girl Chest

90 Slithering Snake Tattoos for Men and Women to Wear

Snake tattoo on hand

More Tattoos in Video

Snake tattoo on Shoulder

Snake tattoo on body

According to Different Cultures:

In many ancient cultures and ancient stories, snakes hold symbolic and important value. Although, they are the symbols of dangers many are harmless to humans. In many cultures, snakes can be considered as a symbol of healing and purifying. Especially, Chinese and Africans associated this animal with life-giving water. Some ancient Greeks also considered them as a symbol of health and rebirth.

Snake tattoo 2019 :



Snake tattoo on Body

Snake tattoo on Thigh Snake tattoo on Both hands

Snake tattoo on hand

Snake tattoo on Wrist

Snake tattoo on shoulder

Snake tattoo on wrist

For many:

Cobra Tattoos can be quite intimidating for many people but others also considered them as a symbol of protection. As they are praised by many people and religions, most western cultures believe that they are vile creatures and considered them as a symbol of evil.

Most Interesting Things:

You can place a ‘dragon and snake’ together, this tattoo design considered as a symbol of balance because dragons are wild and passionate and snakes represent the calm and cunning side of your nature. The other most popular design of Tattoos are ‘snake and eagle’, where snake represents sexual passions, eagle defines morality.

King Cobra:

The ‘king cobra’ design in tattoos represents nobility and wealth as a tattoo design. ‘Ouroboros’ Tattoo design mostly shows a cycle of life. Rose tattoo design is the ultimate symbol of temptation. ‘Skull and snake’ tattoo design represents a man’s mortality.

The beauty about these designs is that they can be drawn on any part of your body like arms, back, legs and torso. The snake possesses both masculine and feminine qualities so as a tattoo it can be worn by both men and women.

Snake Tattoo Meaning

The tattoo symbols are on all over the world and they are one of the most famous ones. They are designed by some pretty amazing and mind-blowing artists. The tattoo is a brilliant medium to connect the body with art and representing your inner self. I mean what better way to express yourself than to use your body as a canvas?

Here are some examples of  tattoo:


Snake tattoo on wings

Snake tattoo on bottom

Snake tattoo on wings

Snake tattoo on chest {Male}


Snake tattoo on body

Snake tattoo on body

Snake tattoo on back

Snake tattoo on body


Snake Tattoos on Thigh

Thigh tattoo comes with some really fascinating styles as well. Tattoos have a fascinating design and many different forms that tell a rich history and tradition.

Some Examples are here:


Dragon and snake tattoo on thigh

Snake tattoo on thigh

Snake color tattoo on thigh

Snake Dragon tattoo on thigh

Snake tattoo on thigh

Snake tattoo on thigh covered


Snake Tattoo hand

Some designs of the tattooed hand reflect the terms of protection and some tell stories of a person’s life. Some People Want to make on hand Tattoo or someone wants to full body tattoo.

You can Check out also Illuminati Tattoos:

Snake tattoo on hand

Snake tattoo on hand outline

Cobra tattoo on hand

Small snake tattoo on hand

Small snake tattoo on shoulder

Snake tattoo on leg

Snake tattoo with rose on hand

snake tattoo on arm

Snake tattoo on hand with 2 heads

Snake tattoo on wrist

Snake tattoo on arm

Japanese snake tattoo

In Japanese culture, tattoos considered a symbol of bad fortune and illness as well as  Wolf tattoos. On the contrary, the Chinese view snake as a sign of wisdom, mystery, and grace. Most people simply wear a tattoo because they value their tradition and culture

Here are some of the examples and if you want to see more tattoos Click here

Snake Tattoo on neck

Snake Tattoo on neck

Snake Tattoo On Forearm

The importance and popularity of tattoos vary from culture to culture. It is also considered as a symbol of fertility in many cultures and religions. Snake tattoos meaning also considered as a symbol of sexual seduction because of their alluring and mysterious nature.

Snake tattoo on finger

Snake tattoo on finger

snake tattoo on thumb

Snake Tattoo On Back

Traditional tattoos held both positive and negative meanings. Mostly, it represents knowledge, protection, power, death, darkness, rebirth, balance, patience, healing, grace and sexuality.
Tattoos can be placed alone or it can be combined with other animals to form a unique tattoo design.

Snake tattoo on back

Snake tattoo on women back

Snake tattoo on men back

Snake Tattoo On Wrist [/su_note

The Tattoo design represents a new beginning similar to how a snake shed its skin and forms a new one. This also represents a transition in a person life, having left behind old experiences and relationships that no longer holds importance to a person.

Snake cobra tattoo on Wrist

Snake tattoo on Wrist

Snake tattoo on Wrist

Snake tattoo on Wrist

Snake tattoo on forearm

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