10+ Tesla Tattoo For Men [ Latest Trends ]

Nikola Tesla portrait in tattoo art?

With the emerging art of tattoos, it’s not surprising to see Nikola Tesla portrait in tattoo art. Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American and a famous electrical or mechanical engineer. He is also best known for his contribution to the design of the modern alternating current. By the end of his brilliant life, he was admired and praised by many people. Many people knew him as the father of electricity.

The Nikola Tesla tattoo becoming famous with the emergence of the new electric car Tesla called Tesla car tattoo


Many people, especially admirers of Tesla requested portrait tattoos of Nikola Tesla like flower tattoo and naruto tattoo. These beautiful portrait tattoos of Nikola Tesla usually done in a phantasmagoric way or hyper-realistic styles.

Some Designs:

The designs or styles of these tattoos depend on the choice of the wearer. Many designs of this tattoo include layers of colors and texture that somehow shows the connection to science and electricity and many designs are as simple as black and white.

For many people:

Nikola Tesla tattoo is a symbol of intellectual growth and for others, it is a symbol of fortitude. Many tattoo artists choose innovative techniques and create a perfect piece of body art. Many people are fascinated by Nikola Tesla tattoo because the texture, color, and shading make it more stunning.

Nikola Tesla Tattoo

Nikola Tesla tattoo is one of the must-have tattoos which you will cherish for a lifetime.

Tesla Tattoo

Here are some Example of Tesla Tattoo:


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