Top 10 Ways To Remove a Tattoo

Ways to remove a tattoo

When you first got your tattoo design, you probably never thought you’d be looking for ways to remove it one day. Many people opted tattoo removal techniques for many reasons. Some of them are just tired of their tattoos others suffered from embarrassment and received negative feedback from their friends and family.

Many people remove their tattoos for their new job career and some of them choose to remove their tattoos because of a broken relationship. In ancient times, tattoos were considered permanent but with the modern technology, it is now possible to remove a tattoo fully or partially.


Removal Process:

But the removal process can vary with your skin color and mostly depends on your tattoo’s size and pigments. The tattoo removal process has evolved in recent years and now has a more reliable and sophisticated method that uses laser technology. In the past, especially in ancient tribes, many people use extreme measures to de-ink. One of the old technique is known as dermabrasion but this technique is extremely painful and likely to leave scars behind.

Tattoos that are surgically removed also likely to leave a scar. The other techniques like scarification and cryosurgery have also been used to remove a tattoo.

Best Technique for Removing Tattoo:

Nowadays, the best technique that is used to remove a tattoo is Q-switched lasers. Many people consider it the best treatment for their removal of the tattoo. But this treatment works differently for all patients mostly depending on their tattoos. Mostly, black ink tattoos are easiest to remove than the green and purple ink. Smaller and older tattoos are also easier to remove. Multi-colored tattoos often need treatments with various lasers.


Time Period for Removal Tattoo:

The time period for tattoo removal will always vary from person to person because many people need repeated sessions to completely erase the tattoo.

Occasionally, many people are left with some part of their original tattoo. The laser removal technique also comes with some degree of pain and after the tattoo removal, your skin area can even look darker before it heals. Often, complete tattoo removal is difficult and scarring or skin color variation is likely to remain so choose your tattoo carefully.



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